What is Piso Wifi, Pause Time, Login and Logout

Technology  July 19, 2022

About Piso

Do you wish to learn more about IP Do you want to know how your router is set up using the IP address The article will cover your needs then. But first, you must understand this IP address and when it should be used followed by a login procedure.

About Piso

Because it can be used multiple times, the IP address is unique. It is a part of the local area network-specific 24-bit block of private IP addresses (LANs). Private IP addresses can’t be used to route traffic via the internet as public IP addresses can, but that doesn’t mean they are useless. The internet, as we know hasn’t yet imploded, and all thanks to the private IP addresses like for that. The IPv4 communications protocol, one of the essential protocols for standards-based internetworking, has a global address space of roughly 4 billion, and on April 15, 2011, the first regional Internet Registry ran out of publicly assigned IPv4 addresses. 

When to Use IP Address

Many routers use as their default IP address, which enables network access and configuration changes. The setup adjustments can involve assigning a principal device to receive all of your communications, opening up a number of ports, or installing a firewall on your network. Due to its simplicity of memory, this router address is frequently chosen by managers of commercial networks. This address is widely used by household appliances because of its simplicity. However, and are two of the more well-known IP addresses for routers. 

Login Procedure to

Any web browser will work to access without any trouble. You simply need to confirm that your device is connected to the network and that is its default gateway address. Additionally, you must confirm that there are no IP conflicts on the network. After completing all of that, use to access the router’s control panel.

Login Page

The following are the steps for logging into your router after you have discovered its IP address using the methods mentioned above. If you received the IP address, read this section for additional information.

Step 1: Open your PC or mobile device’s default browser. Safari, Firefox, and Chrome whichever it may be.

Step 2: Enter in your browser’s address bar. Simply enter in the browser, and a URL similar to will be generated for you.

Step 3: Now click Go or press Enter. The settings page should have been loaded by now if the IP address is appropriate for the router model you have.

Step 4: You must enter the login and password once the configuration or settings page has loaded.

Step 5: You just need to provide the default username and password if this is your first time logging in. Once you’ve accessed the router settings page with the default login and password, it will prompt you to modify them.

Step 6: If you can log in successfully, changing the router setup is simple. From there, you can alter numerous options, such as settings, Wi-Fi, WAN and LAN settings, password, username, etc. 

A Few Default Logins for

There are several default logins for and you can prefer any one of them for easy login.

IP Address:
Username: admin
Password: password
IP Address:
Username: cusadmin
Password: highspeed
IP Address:
Username: admin
Password: admin
IP Address:
Username: highspeed
Password: cusadmin
IP Address:
Username: Cisco
Password: Cisco

I’m Unable to Connect to What is the Reason?

Being unable to connect to the router after entering the IP address into a web browser is the most frequent issue with this IP address, as it is with any other IP address. The most frequent reason for this is that no networked devices are using that IP address, however, there are other possible causes as well.

If a device on the local network is currently using, you can use the ping command in Windows to find out. Open Command Prompt and type Ping You cannot ping or log into a device if it is located outside the local network you are using to access it because you cannot connect to devices that are outside your network (with the exception of the DDNS).

Problems While Logging in to

You might run into some problems with when attempting to enter the Admin Panel. These problems could involve:’s Response Time Was Excessive,, and are some alternate IP addresses to try logging with. If you are still experiencing this problem, there may be a problem with the router’s hardware or the wire you are using. Looking for any loose connections and restarting your router are two popular fixes for this.

Incorrect IP Address

Check your spelling because, an incorrect URL, is frequently used in place of the IP address. is the right IP address. When you enter, your browser will immediately direct you to the Google search results page or the default search engine you selected. The URL will become invalid even if https:// is added at the beginning.

Gateway Not Responding

Technical errors are to be blamed for this mistake. Check to ensure if the issue still exists after rebooting your router.

Wrong Client Address Assigned

Your device’s IP address might not be over a wireless network because of this, which occurs when IP addresses are automatically issued to clients.

Obstruction While Setting Router

When we modify the settings on our router, it frequently stops functioning or obstructs the network connection. We must thus undo these modifications. To make it simpler to turn back when there is a problem, you must write down the previous values of every setting you intend to modify. You may need to reset the router if you’ve followed all the instructions but it is still not working. To reset your router, press and hold the reset button for 15 to 30 seconds. After rebooting, the router will configure itself using the factory defaults.

Why is IP Used?

All of the devices linked to a network cannot be given individual IP addresses. A unique IP address will only be assigned to online-connected devices. The gadget should be reachable through an IP address from all other devices connected to the same local area network. They will receive a private IP address for those devices. Private IP addresses are some ranges of IP addresses that are only given out for use inside of a closed network. However, devices within the same network cannot use the same private address as devices in another network. Here,, which is occasionally misidentified as, is a private IP address intended for usage only within local networks. Some well-known router manufacturers, including Cisco, Infinity, and others, utilize as their default gateway address.

Changes You Can Make With — Common Settings

Here is a list of standard router usernames and passwords that may be of assistance if you are having trouble locating the username and password for a router. You must restore the router to its factory defaults if you can’t remember the login and password. This resets the router’s username, IP address, and password to their default settings. Because of the extra period and zero, the admin page for the router doesn’t appear when you connect with it, but you can still alter the settings, including the IP address. Use any IP address in the range of to The frequently misspelled addresses, 10.0.01,, and do not function. IP Addresses Used by Manufacturers

Because it is straightforward to remember, a lot of router manufacturers utilize the IP address Many home routers are using this IP address, which has historically been used for networks with a lot of devices in business networks. The most well-known router manufacturers that use the default IP address are Technicolor, Aztech, SMC, Cisco, and Arris. Other companies that make routers that reply to the IP address include Intelbras, RFNet, and I-connect.

Hope the above article helps you to log in easily with the default settings. And in case you are facing a tough time doing that, the above guide on the login procedure will assist you to avoid switching to a new IP address.

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