A Complete Guide on Corrlinks Signup and Login Process

Email  June 3, 2022

What is Corrlinks?

CorrLinks is a privately held corporation dedicated to making inmates’ lives easier by allowing them to speak with their loved ones. Trust Fund Limited Inmate Computer System (TRULINCS) is operated by CorrLinks. This computer system assists federal prisoners by allowing them to send and receive emails to their loved ones. These email exchanges, however, are tightly monitored; detainees do not have direct requests to their family or friends. People from all over the country can use this service to communicate with their dear ones who are incarcerated in prison in a more convenient and timely manner. For example, instead of waiting days or even weeks for a letter in the mail, the CorrLinks system streamlines the entire process and makes it more efficient, allowing you to communicate with a prisoner you know in as little as one or two hours.

Signup with Corrlinks

By creating a partnership between a correctional agency and the Advanced Technologies Group, the system allows family and friends to subscribe to CorrLinks services (ATG). However, utilizing this service is more difficult than using Gmail, Outlook, GMX, or Yahoo Mail because it is not free and requires a few additional steps before you can communicate with your loved ones in prison. For example, when you make an account, you must first sign up and agree to the terms and conditions of use, then fund your account using a MasterCard or Visa credit card, and if you are interacting with a federal inmate, you must add the inmate using the identification code supplied to you by mail. You can compose and send a fresh message whenever you wish after adding an inmate. Keep in mind that you’ll be charged a certain amount for each message, and the messages will be sent at the convenience of the institution’s employees. A charge will not be repaid if a message is rejected.

Given below are the steps for an easy Signup in Corrlinks:

1. New User Registration

New Corrlinks email users must create an account before clicking on the link to accept a new correspondent through an email request. To begin, click the orange “Register>>” button. Following the creation of a new account, new users will receive an email with a link to authenticate their account.


2. Include Contacts

By clicking on the Corrlinks link in the requested email, users can now add additional correspondents. Insert the identification code into the box after signing in to the account and clicking “Accept.” They’re now on your to-do list! The identification code expires after 10 days, however, if the date is missed, a new one can be supplied. When you reach this point, the other duties, such as billing your account or delivering money, should be clear.

Fill details
link sent

3. Experienced Tools

You can create and maintain your lists by clicking on the “Account Management” icon on the main page after you’ve logged in if you have a large list of persons and/or newsletters. Once you’re there, you’ll notice that you may change your password, view your history, and cancel your account.

Account Details

Signup for a Premium Account in Corrlinks

It is not necessary to have a Premier Account, but it is totally optional and up to your own wish. You can communicate without incurring any additional fees by using the browser application. With a Premier Account, you can get real-time alerts for messages from your loved ones, keep your communications for 60 days instead of 30 days, use the mobile app, and enjoy other perks. The annual fee for a Premier Account is $6.00. There are no additional charges for using the browser application. Given below are the steps for the signup of a premium account in case you like it:

  • Select Premier Account from the main menu.
  • Click Free Trial to begin your 14-day free trial.
  • Enter your billing information, then click Next to upgrade to a yearly Premier Account.

After that, you can communicate using your elite account.

Email Login for CorrLinks

You can contact an inmate in a variety of ways, including through Corrections’ electronic messaging system, CorrLinks. While accepting communication from an Inmate you cannot initiate email communication with an inmate using Corrections’ electronic messaging system, but you can accept an invitation with an identifying code to create an account. You will receive an email message from the system telling you that an inmate wishes to contact you to exchange electronic messages using Corrlinks. Click the link in the email to ACCEPT or BLOCK this inmate or all inmates from contacting you through Corrlinks via electronic messaging. After you are done with setting your account, you must use the email address for frequent login by filling in the details. All the steps of the same are given below:

1. Go to https://www.corrlinks.com/Login.aspx and create an account.

Create account

2. Fill in the “Email Address” text box on the left side of the page with your email address.

3. In the second text field, type your CorrLinks Password.

4. Below the “Password” text box, click the blue “Login” button. You’re done!


If you’re having trouble signing in to your account, click “Forgot Password” to generate a new one or contact Customer Support for assistance. A detailed explanation is further given in the article.

Corrlinks Login Password Reset

This is how you can reset your password if you forget it.

  • Select the option “Forgot your password?” once you’ve arrived at the official page.
Forgot Password
  • You will be sent to a new page. Fill in the registered email address for the system.
 Email Address
  • Select the “Next” option after completing the captcha verification.

Your email address will be sent a link to reset your password that will expire in 24 hours. To create a new password, tap the link and follow the instructions.

CorrLink’s Email Properties

It’s simple to add a criminal by providing their inmate number. You can block an inmate with whom you do not want to communicate. It is possible to write or send a message to a detainee. CorrLinks now offers video engagement with inmates using its updated interface. The CorrLinks mobile app provides an excellent user experience. You can unblock a criminal by submitting an application to the agency.

Signup for Text Services

The cost of a text service can range from $6.00 to $36.00 per month. However, there are no additional fees for using the browser app. Text Services are not required. If you already have a Premier Account and use the free CorrLinks smartphone app, you don’t need to sign up for Text Services because you already have a superior solution. However, by registering, you will gain access to additional Corrlinks account features. Here is a step-by-step guide to enrolling in the Text Service.

  1.  Select Text Service from the main menu.
  2. Choose your phone carrier and enter your phone number, then click Next to proceed to the next step of the prices.
  3. After that, click next and enter the Verification Code you received via SMS.
  4. Click Next after entering your billing information and checking the appropriate boxes.

How to Send Text Messages in Corrlinks

To send messages, you must have cash in your account as it is not a free service.

  1. Select Mailbox from the main menu. 
  2. Click New Message to send a message.
  3. Select the Inmate you want to message by clicking inside the To field, then click OK.
  4. You’ll have access to your saved messages for 30 days.
  5. Select Draft Messages from the Mailbox to see your saved draughts.
  6. A message can be readily edited. So, go ahead and click on the message you wish to change.
  7. When you’re ready to send your message, click Send.
  8. From the Mailbox, click Sent Messages to see your sent messages.
  9. To review the contents of a sent message, click Read next to it.

Corrlinks does not have a phone number for customer care, but they do have a help page where you may submit a query or complaint anytime you are facing a problem.

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