Flexiv Chinese Raises $100M in Series B Round Funding

Business  October 19, 2022

Flexiv Chinese

AI has acquired a large space of manufacturing industries, especially the one involved in manual repetitive work that sounds redundant. One such company that has a large collection of AI-based robots is Flexiv. With its roots in the country China and growing branches in the USA, Flexiv’s market threshold is all that is lightning and blowing confetti.

Currently, the company Flexiv has built 100 AI-based, specialized robots that hold the vigor to help business ventures through their efficient features of “a force feedback system”, adapting methods, and much more.

Do these AI technology robots sway you towards knowing them? If yes, then tune in and know the Flexiv chinese ai series world more closely by grabbing the first visitor’s seat in the article ahead. Without wasting much time, let’s enter this human-made robot galaxy: Flexiv.

Flexiv $ 100M, AI Series Meituanliaotechcrunch

Flexiv idea of building robots that are capable to perform the redundant work and have decision-making skills is applauded. Saving a huge time, and effort, Flexiv brought global investors close to its doors. Flexiv has attracted a great investment and its AI series has reached more than $100M through one of the great, on-demand services brands; Meituan. This investment is named Flexive Chinese AI series Meituanliaotechcrunch.

Flexiv was introduced into the world in 2016 with the idea of Wang Shiquan. Wang, CEO of Flexiv shares his goal, “AI-based robot that is capable to help big ventures, redundant work in automated production lines.”

The AI technology of Flexiv chinese ai series has an inbuilt feature to provide the right robots that sync with the new operation therefore hope of agriculture, health, and logistics.

Illuminating Flexiv Features, Blooming in the Market

Flexiv AI technology

Flexiv is a goliath of efficient robotics which portrays electronics that are capable of doing work with high-rate precision. Wang Shiquan, a graduate of Standford in Biomimetics and dexterous manipulation lab and the CEO of Flexiv shares “ Consumer electronics segments require a high degree of precision along with the manufacturing processes.”

Flexiv chinese ai series is going to cast its spell, especially in the food services that have a repetitive and huge amount of work. Other than food services, Flexiv’s technology holds the strength to bring equilibrium in the Agriculture, logistics, health, and medicines service sectors.

Meeting Flexiv’s popular technology and features is an exciting part to know Flexiv more closely.

  • Flexibility

Being robots we conjecture Flexiv to be a limited monotonous workforce, but Flexiv chinese ai series world rejects this pre-assumption with its vision system. Living up to its sobriquet(Flexiv), it has inbuilt flexibility with force feedback scenarios that keep high-level execution pressures at bay. Even if certain disturbances like human interference and vibrations are made, the stern Flexiv tech evolves and works with the same boosting stamina.

It works with the subtle output of 0.1N-40N with high precision force control of every joint.

  • Adaptation

With bright features, the Flexiv chinese ai series has adaptation power where they stabilize themselves with the needs and requirements of various commercial enterprises. It has millimetre level 6D pose recognition for avoiding obstacles.

Humans hate the thought of redundant work that grows boredom and Flexiv high-tech robots aid huge enterprises in facing these impediments. They adapt by tolerating uneven conditions by performing with the right dexterity even in uncertain positions.

  • Saving

Saving time with effort is one of the essential requirements in the dynamic world of technology. Automation factories that require highly empowering artificial intelligence gauge for Flexiv deployed high-graded equipment support. They have minimum plugging and assembling time.

It also does have lower ownership costs from initial investment to its maintenance, thus a profitable AI tech in industries. 

  • Decision-Making

Flexiv AI tech robots appear with decision-making virtues. They are one of the safest options to be picked in the manufacturing industries as they face obstacles with AI vision. Their target-based artificial intelligence immunizes them with taking intensive decisions in different situations through hand-eye dexterity, the same as humans. Flexiv AI models have active force control that brightens their performance system.

  • Accuracy

Flexiv has empowered its AI tech computer vision robots with torque-sensing tech for running with a great threshold in accuracy, robustness, and cost. Its intelligence system with AI processor support through its AI algorithm to manage a difficult situation, thus working with flexible accuracy.

The linear velocity with which they work is between 300-1500mm/s which is adjustable.

Flexiv Growth and Need in Manufacturing Enterprises

Being one of the imperative sources of providing the market with AI tech flexiv chinese AI series has flexible cooperating features embedded in their robots which can help huge industries in sharing the workload. Knowing their vision insights is going to be an empowering head start so, let’s gauge whatever growth and ideas they have to share.

  • Present Need: Automation factories require robots currently. Robots with great efficiency and intriguing features are a dire need in industries with monotonous scheduled work. Flexiv is one of the leading China manufacturing firms that feed AI-based robots to needful firms.
  • Future Goals: Wang wanted “ dynamic robots that can manipulate themselves with the changing situation”. Flexiv too has stood strong towards its goals and has embarked on automation industries through one of the $100M flexiv Chinese ai series meituanliaotechcrunch investments.
  • AI-tech Attracts Investment: With the high-level execution of their tech-powered robots, Flexiv is empowered with the feature to adapt, acknowledge, change and manipulate the habitat they are kept in. These habitat virtues of Flexiv tech have attracted a huge audience from alliances to heavy investment. 
  • Efficient High Tech: The robots of Flexiv are evolved with AI stamina and computer vision. With 7 degrees of freedom, they generate the best coordination with stupendous dexterity through hand-eye coordination.

     They have a dual redundancy channel in hardware and torque-based 

     systems to work parallel with the environment.

Flexiv Chinese AI Series World Investors

As reported by TechCrunch, “Flexiv is one of the first automated production lines that have reached a series of B rounds worth $ 100M investment through Meiutan.”

Flexiv has attracted numerous agencies’ investment and alliances which include more than 50 businesses in China and more than 300 American technology alliances. 

Below is a list of all the investments that have and are maintaining their alliances with Flexiv.

  • Meitiun: On-demand services brand
  • Meta capital ( Venture capital firm of China)
  • Leading agricultural entity, New Hope Group
  • Long Wood
  • PE firm
  • Jack Ma’s UF Capital
  • GSR Venture
  • Garong Capital

And many more…

Flexiv: Goliath in Robotics

AI tech of Flexiv in Health sector

Flexiv has encompassed its headstrong presence in various automation sectors and this can be accounted for by its $100M flexiv Chinese AI flexiv chinese ai meituanliaotechcrunch series. Flexiv can be called “a goliath of robotic automation industries”, as it is one of the primary choices for investors.

Flexiv chinese AI Series can be used in various industries which include the following. 

  • Automative
  • 3C
  • New Energy
  • Aerospace
  • Furniture
  • Home appliances
  • Healthcare
  • Agriculture
  • Logistics
  • Catering
  • R & D

And much more…

Final Thoughts

flexiv chinese series meituanliaotechcrunch ideas of running automation-based factories with ease and precision have changed the workforce of the industries themselves. Machines and robots replacing humans and thus acquiring stature through their inbuilt intelligence is applauding as well as concerning. A cluster of robots are preferred instead of humans and this thought is also bringing a huge shift in the economy and the tech world itself. Still waiting if robots will replace the whole industry someday.

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