Privacy Policy

From content curation, creation, editing, and publishing, everything is supported only if it’s legitimate. At Website, we believe in only generating productive content. Our website produces all types and categories of content, but there could never be anything that might harm anyone’s sentiments, perspectives, or anything that might be even remotely objectionable. The entire team of professionals is passionate about their work and only contributes ethical work.  

We only use administrative, technical, and physical security measures to protect the information from any unauthorized source. Despite having created a perfectly working website for our viewers, the confidentiality of any communication or material transmitted over the internet can be harmed.  This is why we highly advise you to follow utmost constraints while providing even remotely confidential or sensitive information. 


Each and every piece of content available on thewebscale is only and only for informative purposes. We also do not provide any guarantee or assurance for the accurateness of the content as the technical world is constantly evolving and updating. We must also make this clear that the use of any piece of information is for the user’s sole risk. 

Privacy Policy

You may notice that we sometimes gather some of your information for our execution, but that is solely for professional use, this is why it is advised to make use of Webscale only if you agree to it. Even after that, if you feel you shouldn’t have provided that information to us, we are willing to make extra efforts to delete that information of yours for your satisfaction. 

Terms of Use

It is quite common that the terms of use are changed sporadically and we are even authorized for that, this is why it is advised that being a reader, keep an eye on any changes made in terms of uses on Webscale. We are allowed to make any sort of changes to our website. It is you who should be careful enough to keep on checking over the updated terms. 

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