Scrolling Patorjk Text Time Waster, a Relaxing Escape!

Internet  June 28, 2022

Patorjk Text Time Waster

There are ample gaming websites and the concept of each one is unique. Not many platforms provide anything different though because almost all gaming platforms have a similar purpose. According to several researches, not every person enjoys gaming and a good percentage of young minds want something new because of their study tight schedules. Do you find yourself being irritated by your hectic daily schedule? Do you want to fill your free time with some unique activities? A few items, on the other hand, are strictly for the purpose of passing the time. It may also entice children. Many viewers throughout the world look for new and amusing activities on the internet. Some of them are practical, while others can merely make you chuckle or encourage you to try something new. So, let’s have a look at some of the features of Scrolling Text Time Waster in the post below.

Scrolling text time waster

Features of Scrolling Text Time Waster

Given below are a few important features of scrolling text time-waster:

  • It comes with color variation,
  • It is a trusted platform with a score rating of a hundred,
  • It provides a plethora of games and has massive popularity among gamers.

All About Patorjk’s Scrolling Time Waster

Patorjk is an online platform that offers a variety of activities to help users spend their time having fun while also making money. Patorjk’s Scrolling Time Waster Webpage is one of these activities. When you scroll down, the text changes colors, and forms, and moves in different ways. You can look for a blank field near the bottom of the scrolling webpage. You can type anything in the field and then select the tab Again! Again! Speak! As a result, you may observe your entered text scrolling and changing colors, movement, size, and style in Scroll Text Time Waster. It’s a humorous pastime for internet users who wish to have a good time.

Functions of Scrolling

There are a variety of functions of scrolling. Some of them are listed below:

To Drag and Drop

Drag-and-drop is a technique for transferring items from one place to another. Drag a thing and drop it somewhere else by hitting the left mouse button once, you can choose the item you want to move to a different region. This will draw attention to the object.

To Scroll Wheel

Without using the vertical scroll bar on the right-hand side of a document or webpage, the scroll wheel in the center of the mouse is used to scroll up and down on any page. The mouse’s scroll wheel can also be used as a third button. Instead of clicking the left button to click on a link on a webpage, you can simply push the scroll wheel once, and the link will open in a new tab on the web browser. Then, while still holding the left mouse button, drag your cursor to the location where you want the object to be and let go of the left mouse button. The object will now be moved to its new location. You can also shut a tab by using the scroll wheel to click on it. You may also use your finger to scroll up and down a document and page at a faster rate by pressing and holding the scroll wheel down.

To Go 360-degree

Every mouse comes with a scrolling ball that allows you to travel not just up and down on a page, but also side-to-side and diagonally, allowing you to see the entire document or webpage if it does not fit in the available space. This is often done while gaming which makes the experience even more interesting.

Can Patorjk Platform be trusted?

Patorjk’s domain was first registered on January 26, 1999. is the domain name, and it is 23 years and 66 days old. Patorjk has a trust score of 100. Patorjk has a rank of 62.6/100, which is good. Instagram, Blog, Github, Twitter, Flickr, and 500px are all examples of social media profiles. Despite the fact that the website has acquired popularity and received a trust score, you can examine Patorjk’s details if you’re trying to do something unusual.

Additional Information About Patorjk

Snake, Slider, Puzzles, 179 Ways to Annoy People, and Arial ASCII Art are among the games available on Patorjk, with Scrolling Text Time Waster being the most popular. It also includes a number of visualizations, including Space Dust, Nutrition Calculator, Game of Thrones Character Appearance, and Computer Science Salaries. Its Scrolling Text I Love You Too activity is one of the most popular among users.

The following apps are available on Patorjk’s official portal:

  • Years Spent Watching Social Media Showdown on YouTube
  • Text to ASCII Art Generator Typing Speed Test
  • Color Fader for Text
  • Gaming Filters from the Past
  • Analyzer for Keyboard Layout
  • Gradient Image Maker, and so on.

Patorjk is a twenty-three-year-old internet platform that offers a variety of games, activities, apps, other items, and visualizations. Patorjk has been used by many users for years and has gotten positive feedback. Many users participate in the Scrolling Text Time Waster activity, which is one of the site’s most popular. It is a total mood changer and one should definitely try it because it has a distinctive approach to gaming. Even kids below the age of 18 can enjoy this scroller as it is better than hardcore gaming and doesn’t contain any kind of adult content.

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