Sieg X2D Mini Mill Vs. Precision Matthews Milling Machine: How to Choose Between Them?

General  October 31, 2022

Sieg X2D Mini Mill

If you own a milling workshop, buying the right mill machine would indeed be the biggest challenge you’d face. That’s because from the quality of your workmanship to the precision of the parts that you manufacture, everything hinges on your machine itself. 

When choosing a milling machine, the two leading brands, namely Sieg and Precision Matthews would surely cross your mind. 

So how do you choose between the popular Sieg X2D mini mill and Precision Matthews milling machine? 

Well, given that both the milling machines are meant for entirely different purposes, a lot will depend on your requirements. 

Let’s Begin with the Sieg X2D Mini Mill

You see, a Sieg X2D mini mill is a small-sized milling machine meant primarily for hobbyists and beginners. That means if you own a small machine shop or you’re planning on starting one, this should be your ideal machine. 

The Sieg X2D mini mill is a CNC-capable machine, which means you can use a CNC conversion kit and make it a fully-fledged CNC milling machine

As such, you can manufacture highly precise parts on your small mill, that too on a shoestring budget. 

Next Up Comes the Precision Matthews Milling Machine 

A Precision Matthews milling machine, contrary to the Sieg X2D, is a heavy-duty mill made compact. 

In fact, the primary purpose of a Precision Matthews milling machine is to have industrial-grade machining ability right in a medium-sized workshop. 

The result: these machines are able to mill the heaviest of metals and the most sophisticated designs, allowing small and medium size machine shop owners to compete with larger producers. 

Wrapping It Up 

As you can see, choosing between a Sieg X2D mini mill and a Precision Matthews milling machine will depend on the kind of machining operations you’re looking to perform. 

If you’re just starting with machining, we suggest you go for a Sieg X2D mini mill since it is simple to operate and highly efficient. 

Not to forget, with a Sieg X2D CNC mill you can simply put the feed in and let your machine do everything from start to finish.

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